Hoverboards To Buy

Red self balancing electric scooter from top view.

Self Balancing HoverBoards

The electric hoverboard has revolutionized the way we move from point A to B. And even though we’re still waiting for the first ”True” Hoverboard that actually floats in the air, the available options tend to serve the purpose really well. How about beating traffic congestion with an electric hoverboard while going or coming back from your workplace? How about dashing into the streets using this hover board to have some fun at your free time. The possibilities of this human invention are limitless, and this is one reason why you should invest in a hov board in 2015 and beyond.

What it is

It’s a high-tech, self-balancing ¬†unicycle that offers you the convenience of going wherever you want to go at any time. Some users love to ride them around the office when taking a break from their hectic work routine. It’s good for their health anyway. What’s more, you will also spot users riding them on the subway or on the metro, you name it! It’s the most ideal transportation utility you can ever own this year.

How it is built

We all agree that it’s a self balancing hoverboard¬†or hover board equipped with gyroscope sensors to enable you balance on it. As a result, you can freely move forward, backwards and sideways with very minimal efforts.

You can also accelerate and decelerate at your own will. This is achieved when you slightly move forward or backward while on-board the electric hoverboard.

How fast it can get you there

Technology is good because it transports us faster by the day. See, the latest hoverboard is able to transport you to your destination at a top speed of 16 mph. This is an equivalent of 26 km/h. It also has a range of 12 miles or 19 km when riding on a single charge. This is ideal for most situations because those who commute to work never do so more than 8 miles away from home. In fact, as long as you’ll be staying within the confinement of 12 miles and you don’t want to keep charging it, this electric hoverboard will be your best friend ever.

Other features worth taking note of

(a) On a single charge — which takes anywhere between 1-2 hours, the hoverboard will take you up to 12 miles.

(b) They come with international adapters which make it convenient during replacement of those parts.

(c) There’s no age or weight limit with hoverboards. Put up to 280 lbs and the thing will accommodate that weight. We’ve also seen riders who are as old as 70 years, and they do fairly well.

It’s easy to get started with an electric hover board. Just lean forward in the direction you want to travel to so you can be transported to where you want to go to. Lean backwards and you’ll reverse. Put pressure on both your feet and you will move either right or left.

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